Pat Layton: Sweet Tea
I am completely in love with this design. At one point I thought Pat was going to drop the "Sweet Tea" name, and I had just about decided to abandon my current blog name and use this header.

It's been great working with Pat. We met at She Speaks in June. She was so excited about my vision to attend Photoshop World in September that she helped sponsor me for the trip! If you're interested in hearing the story of my sponsorship drive for the conference, you can read about it here on my personal blog.



Blogger Alycia said...

Hi Dawn!! I love your new blogs!! I think I am in need of some color changes on my blog. I like the design still very much, but am tired of the pink/green combo. How is your wait list at this time? And, what would be your rate to change the colors? Thanks!! Blessings,

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