I'm still here!
I know there are a lot of you waiting in my queue, and others who are wondering when the queue is opening again. I haven't posted a lot of new things lately, which may lead you to believe I'm watching Opera and eating bon bons all day (never watch Opera, but you can send me all the bon bons you please :-). I've been involved in some big projects and websites over the past few months; I'm working harder than ever, the evidence of it just doesn't always appear here on the BFB site.

I'm also a homeschooling mother-of-eight; my beloved 95-year-old great-aunt had a heart attack and is in the hospital; I've been sick with a cold; and the list goes on... I take my obligations very seriously and I feel like everyone in my queue is someone that is looking at the calendar and waiting on me. Sometimes the stress is a little overwhelming. {Sigh}

With that said, I truly appreciate your patience and I haven't forgotten you. If you aren't in my queue but would like to be, please wait and submit your order when I'm open for new business again or I will probably lose track of it. At the moment I'm only opening my little black book to check off orders, not add them.

I appreciate your business and I don't take it lightly. :-)


Whole lotta buttons
Buttons are a lot of fun and a great way to publicize a blog or event.



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