My Home Sweet Home

Once upon a time, Barefoot Blog Designs wasn't much more than a chronicle of my personal blog makeovers. If you look at the beginning of my gallery (the bottom), four of the first seven designs were for me, and the other three were for personal friends who trusted me enough to place their blogs in my eager but inexperienced hands (and I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart).

As my business increased, my personal designing stopped. This week I finally was able to revamp both this site and my personal blog, My Home Sweet Home. I am both my favorite and least favorite client. I really have trouble developing a concept for my own blogs (I ask you to do it via the New Customer Questionnaire before we even begin the design process); however once I fix on an idea I know exactly what I want and I can't stop until it's finished.

I added a "Testimonials" tab to the navigation bar today and I was blessed again as I re-read the comments. Among all that I have to be thankful for, I am grateful for the wonderful bloggers that I've had the privilege of designing for this year and the fact that I'm busy enough to allow a temporary order hiatus.




Blogger IRENE said...

Hello Dawn,
I think your header captures marvelously what I would consider going barefoot woul imply. You deserved it!
I also think you did a good job refreshing your bloggedy home. I particularly like the layout. It's spacious (if one can use such word for a blog, but that's what best describes it for me!)Enjoy!

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