Pre-Mades for Christmas! Design #1
I sent out an email questionnaire in September to current customers regarding Christmas and holiday designs. Taking their suggestions and ideas into consideration, I am offering pre-made, limited-edition seasonal designs, and I am ready to offer the first one at this time.

If you have a good title for it, I'm all ears. It makes me think of chocolate, which is always a good thing. For now I'll refer to it as Christmas Design #1 (catchy, huh?). Here are some preview shots:

Please email me if you are interested in seeing the design in action on a test blog.

Why purchase a holiday template?

  • Spruce up your personal blog for the holiday season!
  • Set up a second blog (your current blog address + “Christmas” or “holiday” is most likely available) to create an online Christmas letter to family and friends. Think of how much better and easier this is than traditional holiday year-in-review letters: no paper or printing costs; no postage; no mailing deadlines hanging over your head; no standing in line at the post office; make it as lengthy and photo filled as you like.
  • Purchase the template once, and then use it year after year!

Here’s what you need to know before placing an order:

  • This design is a limited edition and will be sold as many as but not more than five times, on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The price is $30, which includes installation (1/2 of my current rate for custom blogger designs).
  • This is a custom Blogger design and does not work with Blogger widgets (this is the design I do the most of).
  • $10 reserves this design in your name, with the balance due upon installation (you choose the installation date).

Here’s what is and isn’t included:

  • The header will be customized with your blog title in the “your title here” section.
  • This design displays four basic sidebar categories: About Me (the name and profile information from your Blogger profile will be automatically displayed here), Previous Posts, Archives, and Credits. Instructions are printed at the bottom of the template to help you add additional links and images to your sidebar. I have made this template as user-friendly and maintenance-free as possible.

I loved having a Christmas design on my blog last year! My goal is to make seasonal themes available without putting my regular design customers on hold. I welcome your questions and suggestions – let me know if I’ve omitted anything. If there is a demand for seasonal headers, I may make that option available, too (good for Typepad and WordPress designs).




Blogger IRENE said...

This is an excellent idea (although I'd like to see some more before making up my mind).
How thoughtful.

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