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Blogger Jennisa said...

I LOVE this blog page design. I am shopping around for a designer, so definetly a tad interested! My blog title would be "The Princess Diaries". I just really love the layout and fonts. I would LOVE a layout just like this one, except for maybe some pinks, limes, and brown/blacks...what do you charge?

Blogger Jennisa said...

Okay, me again. So, just looked that you charge $30. How fast can you have a new page done? Would I be on a waiting list?

Blogger Jennisa said...

One more time...if you're willing (and I hope you are) to do a site for me, I have set up a new blog address for you to look at with all the info on me....

(I'm just too excited...I have been looking around the internet for days on end, and coming across this site and this layout...whew!)

Blogger Jennisa said...

my email...

forgot that one important thing...:)

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