Sorry, but the queue is closed at this time. Existing orders are are still being filled. Watch for pre-mades!

PayPal is my preferred method of payment. Just ask me if you need other options. I will let you know when I begin working on your design, and payment is due at that time.

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Blogger Erika S. said...

Hello, my name is Erika Simmons and I sent you an email asking about getting you to design a blog for me. I have not heard back from you and I was wondering if maybe the email got lost or something. So please let me know via the comments on your blog if you recieved the email or not. If not I will resend my request. I love your blog designs. You have a great gift.
Erika Simmons

Anonymous Dawn said...


I posted to your blog hoping you would get my comment. I'm so sorry - I never received your first request. Email me at barefootblogs AT gmail DOT com and I'll take care of you!


Hi! My name is Marlo Francis, and you left a comment on my blog earlier today. I just sent you an email at your gmail account. After you read it, I hope we can talk. :)
Thanks Dawn!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Blogs are great!! What does your waiting list look like and do you do Blogger?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, here is my e-mail


Anonymous Leah DiPascal said...

Hi Dawn,

My name is Leah DiPascal and I'm on staff with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Marybeth Whalen told me about your blog design and you have done such beautiful work for the women on our speaking team. I sent you an e-mail around the end of July but had not heard back from you. I'm wondering now if you even received it. I'm interested in having you design a blog for me and was wondering if you had a waiting list. If so, can I get on it? Please e-mail me at LeahProverbs31@aol.com. Thanks so much and many blessings :)

Hi Dawn,

My computer won't download the Customer Questionaire (it never works to download something to Word perfect and I don't know why!). Is it possible that you could email it to me:


I am seriously thinking about launching my website (finally) and I wanted to see what you thought. Honestly I don't have a ton of ideas, but I do have a few things in mind that I would like to have on my site.

Hope to talk with you soon, Randi

Blogger Shane said...

Approx how long does the process take once you place an order? Thanks. ~Shane Schwich@comcast.net

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Joanna Lovato and I am interested in a Blog Design but I was wondering if they work only on Blogspot or can they be used on wordpress? Please email me at jclovato@comcast.net

Your work is great and I hope to hear from you sometime soon.

Joanna Lovato

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Mari and I am interested in discussing with you about getting a blog created for our business website. Please email me at mmlarkin@juno.com. Thanks!! Your sites are incredible!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Erika,
After being on Proverbs 31 women I discovered your website and would love to be put on your waiting list. You do beautiful work and being a homeschool mom myself. I would love to support my fellow moms.

Anonymous Danielle said...

Hi, I am wondering when you know when you will be accepting new orders? If there is a wait list please add me! I have been looking for someone to do this for a long time! Blessings

Anonymous Eden said...

Hi Dawn! I know you are very busy, but I was wondering how our progress on the list was going? Just wondering b/c we'd like to get our new site up. Thank you bunches. Oh, I looked at your new designs. They are lovely. Hope to hear from you soon.

Blogger Debbie said...

hello, glad to see you are open for business again, I am needing help with a blog design as well. I love your work. I will be emailing you as well. Thanks again.

Blogger irishgirl said...

Hi Dawn! I hope you have had a great day! My name is Lara O'Brien, and I e-mailed you my questionnaire yesterday. My computer has been acting a little funny lately, so I just wanted to make sure that you received my questionnaire. I really look forward to working with you!

Lara O'Brien

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, you're such an inspiration! I'm setting up my design blog up soon... I may have my first really job. I'm so excited to continue to learn and be able to just design any templates. I finally figured out WP themes, though there are some things I have yet to understand but it's all a learning experience! Thanks for all the help you've offered!

Where do you go to get background images? Or do you make them? Like the one on your HSH and cartoonish photos. jw : )

Miss Jocelyn

Blogger Joan Taylor said...

Good Morning Dawn

My name is Joan Taylor and I would like to be added to your waiting list. Your work is AWESOME....The mere thought of me attempting to work on my blog was overwhelming.
I would like the professional design. I have my domain name already for my website as well. I am homeschooling my son so I understand your schedule.

Sweet Blessings,

Joan Taylor

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn:

My name is Larry Bradshaw. I realize you are currently not receiving requests to develop blogs; however, I was wondering if you might have any idea when you would be starting up again? I am a combat veteran from the Vietnam War who has spent 35 years as a "Silent Sufferer." Up until 4 years ago, I was hiding and not dealing with the aftermath of the war...the memories, etc. Now, at 61, I have gotten my life back to normal and am helping former and current combat veteran's on their road back to a normal life. I am writing materials and a book that will help them navigate through the land mines on their way through the enormous issues they face. These are biblically based answers. I have spent 37 years as Senior Pastor and Missionary. Going through PTSD has given me, not only experience, but spiritual knowledge of scripture to lead these men and women back to a normal lifestyle. They must have a blog they can access in order to obtain information they can read for help. Thanks for you help and understanding.
Larry Bradshaw

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