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My name is Dawn and I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother with eight wonderful children. I married my husband and had my first child while in college. I graduated in 1990 with a B.A. in Russian; however, I realized that I wanted another child more than I wanted a career. I never imagined that we would be blessed with such a large family!

I taught myself web design because our homeschool support group and co-op classes needed websites. Our family moved and I handed the care and maintenance of those websites to other ladies within the organizations. It was one of the most difficult aspects of the move - those websites were my babies! I experienced many months of "web withdrawal," and then I discovered the joys of blogging. Although smaller in size, I once again had my own website and it wasn't long before I was gripped with the urge to play with the design.

What I didn't anticipate was that one just didn't seem to be enough! I have a passion for self-education; an obsession with clip art and photography; a love of web design; and a need to supplement our family's income.

My personal blog is entitled My Home Sweet Home.


Blogger Lindsay said...

Dawn, I love the redesign of Merdith's Life at 7000 Feet site. Seems as though you've become friends too.

Blogger Mrs Mo said...

Dawn-You're very talented! I love your designs. Quick question for you: I made a header for my blogger account but I could not find how large the header size is. Would you be able to tell me the dimensions and resolution you use to make the blogger headers?

Blogger kathy sayler said...

This is a question to you Marybeth. Where will I find the devotional for June 24th 2008.I have looked in the archives and it does not post the 2008 ones there. Is there another place I should be looking?I am going to use it for a Bible Study nest week.Thank you for the help.Kathy kathmilt@westriv.com

Blogger Doris M. Cush said...

Dawn: Thanks for your beautiful work! I'm attending the She Speaks conference (for the first time) and I'm interested in adding the "I'm Attending" button to my blogsite. What do I have to do and thanks!

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